Saturday, October 18, 2008

FRM-92150 Web client version too new


While we click the responsibility, the form opens at that time the following error comes:

FRM-92150 Web client version too new


1. Remove all folder named Java, Jinit etc and go to the program file in that delete the oracle folder itself because it contains Jar files only.

2. From control panel add/remove Programs remove java versions.

3. Clear the temp, cache etc.

4. Go to Regedit

A) HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> software - >ORACLE // remove that oracle folder itself.

B) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> software -> ORACLE // remove that oracle folder.

5. Now clear and check all jar files are removed.

6. Go to internet properties --> securities --> In that Local Internet option --> custom level -->Low and ok.

7. Now restart the PC and go to that responsibilty and click . New Jar files will be downloaded and it will be proper.


This Jar files are loaded from the apps server in the location COMMON_TOP/util/jinitiator.jinit.exe

So we can copy from the server to the client also, The above exe.


Rinky said...

I am still getting the same error. Even tried metalink but no luck. Please advice

Santosh Loke said...

try regenerating the JAR files with the FORCE option.